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  • Most of our windows and doors are double-glazed, although single-glazing and triple-glazing are both available
  • Glazing units are available with a variety of different glass (such as low emissivity), cavity size and glass (such as argon) specifications
  • A-C energy rated windows are available, even with sliding sash windows
  • Whole window U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K can be achieved with double-glazing
  • We can supply triple-glazed windows with whole window U-values below 1.0W/m2K.


  • We design and manufacture our windows to last a lifetime
  • With normal maintenance, our windows have an estimated service life of around 60 years *

*Whole Life Analysis, of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad windows, Heriot Watt University, June 2013

Air and water tightness

  • Our windows are tested to ensure they meet or exceed all relevant British Standards, including BS 644 and BS 6375 I & II
  • We have third-party accreditation from Bluesky Certification as proof of meeting the British Standards
  • For extreme exposure conditions, such as experienced in coastal areas or high rise buildings, ultra high specification designs are available.


  • Our windows are supplied fully-finished. Coatings applied in factory-controlled conditions ensure even elements of the frame that are not visible are painted, with special attention to joints and the end-grain
  • Maintenance intervals will depend on the colour of the coating and exposure to the elements, including UV from the sun
  • In normal conditions, the initial coating is likely to last at least 10 years. We support this with a warranty on the initial opaque coating of 8 years, and 6 years for translucent coatings
  • Recoating windows is a simple job, requiring a light sanding, a wipe down, primer for any exposed wood and a single top coat
  • Subsequent coatings can be expected to last for around 7 years*

*Whole Life Analysis, of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad windows, Heriot Watt University, June 2013


  • All our windows and doors are tested to BS 7950, Enhanced Security
  • Secured by Design-compliant windows and doors are available.
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